TenPoint Nitro X with Accudraw Pro

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Product Overview

TenPoint X

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Designed for easy maneuverability, the TenPoint Nitro X Crossbow measures in at an ultra-compact 7"w. when cocked and 12.5" uncocked. Advanced Sling-ShotTM technology and Vector Quad Cables deliver bolts downrange at up to 440 FPS, with 166 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy. Includes TenPoint Standard Accessory Package with RangeMaster Pro Scope, ACUdraw PRO cocking device, 3-arrow quiver, 6 Evo-X CenterPunch arrows, and integrated String Stop System.

  • Ultra-narrow 7" width when cocked
  • Durable synthetic stock
  • Custom CNC-machined Type II cams, riser and limb pockets
  • Vector Quad cable technology
  • Sling-Shot technology
  • 3.5-lb. trigger with auto-engaging safety
  • DFITM technology prevents dry-firing the crossbow
  • Machined aluminum 7/8" fixed dovetail mount
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs

Standard Package:

  • TenPoint RangeMaster® Pro Scope
  • ACUdraw PRO cocking device
  • Instant-detach quiver with ambidextrous side-mount bracket
  • 6 EVO-XTM CenterPunch carbon arrows with high-performance aluminum Omni-nocks and 100-grain practice points
  • 3 replacement high-performance aluminum Omni-nocks,
  • Integrated String Stop System


(No reviews yet) Write a Review